Pocket Door Frame Kits

Hartford Building Products - HBP -Brand Pocket Door Frame Kits

All with steel studs

2 x 4  Pocket Door Frame Kits

2400 HBP – 2x4 construction – 200 pounds -3-wheel ball bearing rollers

2450 HBP – 2x4 construction -  250 pounds -4-  wheel ball bearing rollers  - Best Seller


2 x 6  Pocket Door Frame Kits

2600 HBP – 2x6 construction -  200 pounds -3-wheel ball bearing rollers

2650 HBP – 2x6 construction -  250 pounds  -4- wheel ball bearing rollers

Hartford Building Products-HBP-  Pocket Door Frame Kits

*Unlimited Lifetime Warranty


  • Rectangular Steel Tubing
  • Solid Poplar Hardwood Headers
  • Galvanized Steel Floor Brackets
  • Poplar nailing strips for jambs

The Header, which is made of SOLID POPLAR which is a higher grade of wood, than the low quality Pine or MDF, which is used in other kits.  We use the highest quality wood, which is clear and has no knots and cracks, unlike competing products.

The Track and Roller Systems are of High Quality. We use a variety of track and roller systems, from different suppliers, to guarantee you a frame kit of the highest quality.

The Studs are made of High Quality All Steel Welded Rectangular Tubing . There is no comparison of the wall stability when using our system, compared to steel wrapped studs that everyone else uses. This tubing is also welded, with the weld flush with the rest of the tubing.  Our frame kits systems are the highest quality kit on the market, at this price range.  We have contacted steel companies, and the steel that most companies are using fto wrap around their wood studs, is a very low grade of steel. Someone leaning against a wall with this wrapped steel, can warp the studs in your finished wall.  This will not happen with our studs. The walls are very stable.

In addition, our walls are exact sizes. Our 3 1/ 2" thick Wall Kit is 3 1/ 2" wide, unlike competitors 3 5/8" and over 3 3/ 4" with their adapter kit. This makes Dry Wall Installation much Easier and gives a Better quality job.

Our Floor Brackets are laser cut from Galvanized Steel, which fits into our studs.

As a Added Feature, we have added Solid Poplar Nailing Stripes on the Front Edge of the Front Studs, in order to fasten your Pocket Door Jambs.

We have added all the above features, after listening to  customer complaints, on all the other kits, which  we have sold over the years, from other companies.  The largest number of complaints on these systems, was not about the hardware. Most complaints were about the low quality of the studs, and the low quality of the wood incoporated into the kit, in the studs, and the headers.  We addressed the largest problem first, when designing the new kits from the ground up.  

With still conforming to the standards needed for 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 walls, we have designed a system with much stronger strength and stability than other frame kits on the market in this price range. Comparable kits to this quality range several hundred dollars higher in price.  Since we are manufacturing, and selling direct to the end user, we can sell our kits at a much more economical price.