Pocket Door EZ Closer

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Requires 3.75" bore, 1" in diameter.

The EZ Closer is made of a glass filled composite material.

  • Fits most door styles
  • It is easy to install
  • Has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Featured on Hometime
  • Tested on doors weighing up to 170 lbs
  • Is flush fitting
  • And requires no maintenance
  • Has been durability tested

The Jexis Cavity Release (aka. Pocket Door EZ-Closer) patent pending technology allows you to quickly release the pocket door from its cavity with one push. Once you use the Pocket Door EZ-Closer you'll be wondering why someone didn't invent this years ago.

The EZ closer also prevents the pocket door from slamming into the pocket frame when the door is being opened. Its spring loaded action works as a shock absorber, which helps prevents damage to the pocket door hardware.