About our Pocket Door Frame Kits

About our Pocket Door Frame Kits


**HBP 2450


   2 x 4    250lbs  4-Wheel Ball Bearing  Hangers

   with Steel Studs and Poplar Headers



**HBP 2650   


   2 x 6    250llbs  4-Wheel Ball Bearing Hangers

   with Steel Studs and Poplar Headers



Wall- Width of wall, either using 2 x4 or 2 x 6


Weight Limits- Weight Limit in pounds of hardware


Wheels- 4- Wheel Ball Bearing Hangers


Studs- Steel- Studs are made from Welded Rectangular Steel Tubing


Headers- Poplar Hardwood- Solid Hardwood header attached to Track and Ball Bearing Roller


*** Our headers are Screwed together and the Track is installed in the Header for you



Hidden Pocket Door Guide - Hidden Bottom Pocket Door Guide Kit - fastens in between our Steel Studs and  behind the Pocket Door Jambs. Made with thin steel with 2- fixed Nylon Guides.

Available for  1 3/8" and 1 3/4" Thick Doors. For minor adjustments in door thickness, move guide up or down. ** These are included with our Frame Kits


*HBP- 2450 & 2650 Series- has Hardwood Nailing Strips for Jambs added to Front Studs



OPTIONS for Our Pocket Door Frame Kits:


4- Wheel Ball Bearing Soft Close - Slides normally until Soft Close mechanism slowly pulls door into closed position against jamb.


4- Wheel Ball Bearing Soft Open- Keeps door from slamming against stud in back of door in wall.

**NOTE: Soft Close & Soft Open are the same units turned the opposite direction in the track





Pocket Door EZ Closer- The EZ Closer is made of a glass filled composite material.

It is easy to install.