Solid RED OAK Boards -3/4" Thick x 1 1/2" Wide

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Solid Hardwood Red Oak Boards   3/4" Thick  x  1 1/2" Wide


RED OAK Solid Hardwood Board(s )

Red Oak varies in color from lighter brown and darker browns to lighter and darker reds.  It is a dimensionally stable wood and is often straight grained and open pored, making it the species of choice for woodworking. Its has an open grain and it’s tough properties take the abuse of dents and scratches with little to no noticeable damage.


  • Kiln dried for stability
  • Surfaced Four Sides (S4S)
  • Red Oak species
  • Clear, select, and better grade are virtually clear of any defects giving it a superior finish
  • May be edge glued to create a solid board.
  • When stained, the grain pattern shows much more easily. Even putting on a clear finish will make the grain stand out .
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***These Boards are UNFINISHED


Red Oak which can be found in cabinetry and household furniture, grows throughout the Eastern part of the United States. Having a generally straight grain and coarse texture, red oak is a relatively hard and durable hardwood. The color of red oak can vary from a light brown to a pinkish brown, depending on which part of the tree it originates. Red oak dries slowly but can stain to a very nice finish.


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