Exterior Thresholds

Exterior Door Thresholds


Choose- Inswing  or  Outswing


These Thresholds are high quality Exterior Door Thresholds. These thresholds  have an Adjustable Cap.


These Thresholds are made of long lasting Anodized Aluminum and features a Composite Base, which will wear for years and years.  Which will not rot or soak up moisture.


These Adjustable Thresholds, in combination with a good Door Bottom Sweep stop almost all air flow under your Door.


Finishes are: Mill ( Aluminum ) OR Dark Bronze


Widths are: 4 9/16” , 5 5/8, and  7 13/16" 


Lengths are: 36” or 72"



****  If you need a Threshold  longer than  72" please contact us at 1-800-772-0314.   We can order this for you, this would drop ship directly to you. 


It may take up to a week to get, since it would be a special order.  


We can get  Thresholds up to  9' ( 108" ) long  in either a  Inswing Threshold  or  a  Outswing  Threshold.









4 9/16"  COMPOSITE CAP  Thresholds   

Inswing - Composite Bottom          





5 5/8" COMPOSITE Cap Thresholds          5 5/8"  * WOOD CAP Thresholds


Inswing- Composite Bottom                       Inswing-  Composite Bottom







7 13/16"  COMPOSITE Cap Thresholds       7 13/16"  WOOD CAP Thresholds


  Inswing- Composite Bottom                             Inswing - Composite Bottom











5 5/8" Outswing Threshold- Composite Cap/ Composite Bottom