Exterior Thresholds





   Inswing Exterior Threshold or  Outswing Exterior Threshold



These Threshold are high quality Exterior Door Thresholds.  


Thresholds have an ADJUSTABLE CAP


The Mill Finish is made of Extruded Aluminum and the Dark Bronze is made of Anodize Aluminum.


These Thresholds have a Composite Base, which will wear for years and years.

Which will not Rot or Soak up Moisture.



These Adjustable Thresholds, in combination with a good Door Bottom Sweep stop almost all air flow under your Door.



Finishes are: Mill ( Extruded Aluminum )  or   Dark Bronze ( Anodize Aluminum )



Widths are: 4 9/16” , 5 5/8, and  7 13/16" 



Lengths are: 36”,  60"  and   72"






4 9/16"  COMPOSITE CAP  Thresholds   

Inswing - Composite Bottom          





5 5/8" COMPOSITE Cap Thresholds         


Inswing- Composite Bottom                     







7 13/16"  COMPOSITE Cap Thresholds 


  Inswing- Composite Bottom                             





**** NEW      60" Uncut  -   ( 62" Long ) **


Inswing- Dark Bronze 5 5/8"  x   60          Inswing  Dark Bronze 7 13/16"  x  60"



 WALNUT Composite Cap                             WALNUT  Composite Cap

 Composite Bottom                                        Composite Bottom











5 5/8" Outswing Threshold- Composite Cap/ Composite Bottom