Door Bottom Sweep Aluminum -Long Fingered - 35 3 /4” Length - Bronze For 1 3/ 4” Thick Doors


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Dark  Bronze Finish

For 1 3/ 4”  Doors Only.

This Door Bottom Sweep Aluminum with Long Fingered Vinyl  is  35  3/ 4” . You can trim this down so it does not interfere with your door jambs

This Door Bottom  Sweep is attached to one side of the Door at the Bottom.    This Door Bottom is adjustable about 3/8 of an inch.   This Sweep creates a strong seal against, dust, drafts and moisture.

In addition, using one of  our Adjustable  Oak Thresholds, with one of these Door Bottoms,  provides you with a great deal of adjustability.    

Also using a fixed Threshold with one of these Door Bottoms still gives you some adjustability.

The aluminum track is fitted with four (4 ) screws to the bottom of  your door.