Inswing Threshold 4 9/16" with Composite Cap and Composite Base - Mill- Silver Color


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Inswing Threshold 4 9/16" with  Composite Cap and Composite Base - 

Finish-  MILL

These  4 9/16" Inswing Thresholds  have a Composite Base.

Choose --    36" Uncut     or    72" Uncut

**Lowest Setting is 1 3/8"  -  Highest Setting- is 1 5/8"

***These thresholds are cut oversized to allow a better fit.  You can cut the threshold down to fit.



Inswing Threshold 4 9/16"-Adjustable Composite Cap- Composite Bottom -



Inswing Thresholds have the capability to shield against wind and water infiltration.



We recommend a door bottom sweep added to your door, in combination with this threshold for a good weather tight seal.