What is a Pocket Door?

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A Pocket Door is merely a Door that slides into and out of a hollow cavity, or pocket, in a doorway wall. When opened, the door will disappear inside the space, hidden with the confines of the wall.

Designed more than one hundred years ago as space savers, pocket doors became very pop in the Victorian Style homes of the late 1800 and 1900 hundreds.  Used primarily as entrances to stately Libraries, Elaborate Dining areas, or even a basic Sitting Room, these dividers continued to increase in popularity until seemingly dropping completely from the architects planning boards.

Much  speculation surrounds the disappearance of the pocket door at that time, we  believe there are several factors involved.  The style of architecture was changing, most of the hardware manufactures producing this type of hardware went out of business, and the single largest contributor to the end of pocket door use, as we see it, was the quality of the hardware.  

Designers, builders, and homeowners alike, tired of the squeaking, creaking and grinding noises caused by the hardware of that era, but most of all, the doors failing off the track, or becoming jammed back inside the wall became frequent, and quite annoying.

Fast forward to the twenty first century, developments in design and material have created new brands of Pocket Door Track and Hardware that will not only function quietly, but also smoothly with rollers that are designed to provide a lifetime or trouble free operation.

In today's world, saving space is not only important but imperative in some instances.  With building costs constantly on the rise and a trend towards smaller more energy efficient homes and additions, space is at a premium.  One means to maximize potential use of the space available is to install a pocket door unit.   By installing a pocket door unit in place of a standard prehung door unit,you can free up an additional ten to twenty square feet of floor space.  That is enough floor space for a computer desk, small entertainment center, bookcase,  etc.

Along with its billing as a space saving door, pockets doors can be utilized in problem situations where a standard swinging door will not work.  Bathrooms, Laundry rooms, and closets are typically areas where problems might occur.  You may have a half bath, with no space for a door to swing in and no clearance to swing out, or a closet where an open door would be in the way, becoming an obstacle you do not want to deal with.  In either case, installing a pocket door unit is a practical solution.

To open a standard swinging door can be a challenge for people in wheelchairs or those relying on a walker.  Pocket Doors help accommodate people with disabilities, making maneuverability between rooms much easier.  The door glides easily along track that requires little exertion to operate.  Access to each room is simplified by sliding the door into the wall, taking up no space from a door frame.

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