Questions About Pocket Door Frame Kits from Hartford Building Products

Posted by Ronald Seidle Jr on

Question #1  - What are the rough opening measurements for our frame kits?  The rough opening measurements needed for all our frame kits are as follows:

Width of a Single kit - Double the door width plus one inch.

Width of a double door unit - Four times the door width

Height - Door Height plus 2  1/2"

Question #2 - What is the difference between our 2450 and 2650 pocket door frame kits?  The 2450 pocket door frame kits are the kits needed for 2 x 4 walls.  The 2650 pocket door frame kits are the kits needed for 2 x 6 walls.

Question #3 - What are soft close and soft open units for pocket door frame kits?  The soft close and soft open  units are actually the same units installed in the track in opposite directions.  When used as a soft close, it is inserted in the track in the end where it closes against the jamb.  When used as a soft open, it is inserted in the end of the track that goes into the wall.

Question #4 - Can I install the pocket door frame kit before I have my door?  Yes, the frame kit can be installed first, as long as you are certain of the door size that you are getting.

Question #5 - Why can't i have a soft close and soft open both installed in door under 30" width?  Due to the width of the door, and the widths of the soft close units, the combined widths of the units are too wide to fit in the track.  An alternative method for narrower doors is to use a Soft Close and an EZ Closer. An EZ Closer mounts in the back of the door, and pushes off against a stud in the wall behind the door.  It has a strong spring that pushes against the stud. In one position, it is flush with the jamb. In the other position, it pushes the door out in to the opening, by pushing when in the flush position.

Question #6 - Does my pocket door frame kit include everything that I need to install a pocket door?  Our kits include all the track, hardware, rollers, 2 Steel studs, 2 steel studs with wood nailing strips for the jambs, wall end brackets, floor brackets, and drywall screws. The only extra things needed are the doors, and and whatever pulls or locks that you need. I f you are buying  an EZ Closer, that is and extra add-on.

Question #7 - Are our pocket door frame kits universal sizes. No, our frame kits are made to the size that you need in two inch increments of width from 18 inches wide to 48 inches wide. They can also be made in custom widths.  In addition, we manufacture pocket door frame kits in standard heights of 80 inch, 84 inch, and 96 inch heights.  We also can manufacture studs of custom heights, and frame kits up to 10 feet in height.

Question #8 - If i purchase a frame kit that is too large, can it be cut down in width to fit my door. Yes, our kits can be cut down in size easily, since the studs are screwed together.  Unscrew the jambs, take the track off, cut it down in size, cut the separate boards to size, and screw back together.

Question #9 - Do all the pocket door frame kits contain four studs?  No, our frame kits wider than 36 inches wide up to four feet wide contain six studs, three sets of two studs.



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