Pocket Door Frame Kits

Posted by Melissa Demarco-Seidle on

Need more space in a room , make the most space by installing a pocket door.


Pocket doors are a great way to provide more space in a room. Pocket doors are utilized by builders, designers and homeowners for this reason.


Pocket Doors are top mounted, and slide along a Header track that is mounted inside the wall. When you open the door, the door slides into the pocket in the wall.


You can choose any style door you want, from a french door to a raised panel doors, or a low cost hollow core door. You just need a door that is not prepped for hardware.


Adding a Pocket door to any room, adds that special touch, something different.


We have Single Door Pocket Door Frame Kits and we have Double Door Pocket Door Frame Kits


We have options for our Pocket Door Frame Kits, such as, Soft Close, Soft Open and EZ Closers.


Any questions please feel free to contact us.




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