HBP- Heavy Duty SINGLE Pocket Door Frame Kits

Posted by Melissa DeMarco-Seidle on

HBP- Heavy Duty  SINGLE  Pocket Door Frame Kits-   ALL IN STOCK

Widths-   18"  to   48"

Lengths-   80",  84" and  96"

Wall-  For   2 x 4   or    2 x  6

Wheels- 4- Wheel Ball Bearing Hangers - 250 lbs Weight Limit


Studs-   Galvanized all Steel Studs-  Will Not Rust



Headers-   Solid  Wood  Header attached to Track with Ball Bearing Roller



Available -

4- Wheel  Ball Bearing Soft Close or Soft Open -  220 lbs



Doors that are  18"  to  28" Wide can only have EITHER a  Soft Close or a Soft Open, due to the size of the door.   ** An option would be that you can use a Soft Close with an EZ Closer.

Doors that are  30"  to  48" Wide can use both the Soft Close and the Soft Open.  


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