Folding Door Information

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Folding Door Information

Bifold and Multifold Doors

What is the difference between a bifold door unit and a multifold door unit?

The prefix of the word bifold of course is bi, which means two; therefore Bifold doors are always done in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or with four doors, split in the center of the opening, and two doors folding back to each side. Most standard bifold door units sold do not exceed six feet in total width. Multi-fold doors are designed to be used where folding doors are needed to cover a wider than normal area. Depending on the hardware, door sections from 12" - 42" wide can be used. Multi-fold doors can be used for residential and commercial applications as room dividers, hall dividers, etc.

How do I install a bifold door unit? Multifold?

Any type of folding door unit will require the proper track and hardware for the doors to fold smoothly and quietly. The width and height of your opening must be determined to figure out what size and how many doors you will need. Allowances to the width and height of your opening must be made for the additional height and width you will need to compensate for hanging the doors from the track. Once the size is factored in the weight of the doors can be determined so that you are sure to get the correct track and hardware for the job. The best approach to insure a good installation experience and a properly functioning folding door unit is to take time to do some research. You will then be able to better understand what sizes you will need for your opening, doors, and track & hardware.


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