Door Bottom Sweeps

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Door Bottom Sweeps   -

Our Door  Bottom Sweeps comes in two ( 2 )  door sizes for 1 3/4" Thick Doors

Choose from:

 36" -  Actual Size-  35 3/4"   

 48"-   Actual Size-  47 3/4"

These Door Bottom Sweeps install in the Bottom of your Door and are design for Wood Doors.   These are 1/4" smaller to allow a better fit when the door is closed.

You can also trim these down if your door is smaller.

They are made from Flexible vinyl and have Double Kerfs

These are installed in the bottom of your door, so when you close your door this will sit on your cap of your threshold.   This keeps a air tight seal under your door.

Easy to install.   

In stock and ready to ship.










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