Series 1 HBP HD Pocket Door Track and Hardware w/ EITHER SOFT CLOSE or SOFT OPEN

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Series 1- HBP- Heavy Duty Pocket Door Track & Hardware WITH ** *EITHER  A  SOFT CLOSE or SOFT OPEN-

Choose which one you want....

For 2 x 4 or 2 x6 Interior Wall Construction

For 1 3/8” or 1 3/4” Thick Doors - NOTE: Minimum door thickness of 1”

4- Wheel Ball Bearing- - Adjustable and detachable  4- wheel door hanger

Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Track- Jump proof precision extruded Box Track

Commercial Grade, Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: You can cut down the Track to accommodate smaller door widths

CHOOSE EITHER-  the  4- Wheel Soft Close  OR  4- Wheel  Soft Open

4- Wheel Soft Close- smoothly causes the Door to brake and then the mechanism pulls the door into its final close position.


4- Wheel Soft Open- smoothly causes the door to brake when it goes back into the wall.

Our Heavy Duty Pocket Door Track and Hardware with Either Soft Close Or Soft Open Includes the Following:

1- Extruded Aluminum Track

1- 4-Wheel Ball Bearing Hanger

1- Door Stop

2- Door Guides

1- Wrench

Choose- 4- Wheel Ball Bearing  Soft Close OR  4- Wheel Ball Bearing Soft Open