ADA Thresholds


Cal-Royal 1/4"       HBP- 1 /2"  Wood         Cal-Royal 1/2"         


KN Crowder  1/2



Endura 1/2"                   ADA 1/2" Outswing  


HARTFORD  BUILDING PRODUCTS - sells a wide Variety of Interior and Exterior ADA Thresholds.

HBP-  1/2" ADA Solid Wood Interior Thresholds in a Variety of Woods to choose from . Manufactured by Hartford Building Products.

Cal-Royal -   1/4"  and  1/2"  Aluminum ADA Thresholds in Mill and Dark Bronze

KN Crowder- 1/2"  ADA Aluminum Thresholds - Mill Finish Only

Endura -  1/2" ADA Aluminum Thresholds- Mill Finish Only