ADA Complaint 1/2" Height Solid Wood Interior Thresholds

Posted by Melissa Demarco-Seidle on

ADA Compliant- 1/2" Height Interior  Solid Wood Thresholds

Available in the following Solid Woods:

Ash, Cherry,  Hickory,  Mahogany, Maple , Red Oak   and Walnut

Widths are:        3 1/2",   4 1/2"  and  6 1/2"

Lengths are:     24",  30,  36",  48", 60",  and 72"

Check out our website for details on each ADA Thresholds.

These are good for transitions between two rooms.   These are ADA Compliant thresholds and work well for Walkers and Wheel Chairs.

In Stock, and ready to ship. 

















  • Solid Hardwood Interior Threshold
  • Made from  RED OAK  wood. Solid and reliable.
  • Threshold made to meet the standards for ADA Compliance
  • Made from stain grade   RED OAK  wood. Great for both staining or painting


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