OUTSWING Threshold 5/58" with Composite Cap and Composite Base- MILL


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OUTSWING  Threshold 5 5/8" with  Composite Cap and Composite Base -  MILL

These  5 5/8" OUTSWING  Thresholds  have a Composite Base.

Choose --    36"  Uncut    or   72" Uncut

*These thresholds are cut oversized to allow a better fit.  You can cut the threshold down to fit.

Outswing has  an Adjustable Composite Cap


**Lowest Setting is 1 3/8"  -  Highest Setting- is 1 5/8"


Outswing Thresholds have the capability to shield against wind and water infiltration.

NOTE:  If you need a Wider threshold, please see our Inswing Extenders, which also fit these Outswing Thresholds.  Please see Inswing Extender link below..

Inswing Extenders