Inswing Threshold 7 13/16" Wide - Dark Bronze Finish - PINE BASE

Hartford Building Products

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This  7 13/16” Threshold has an ASH adjustable cap, an Ash strip on the edge, and Pine underneath the threshold.     These Thresholds also have Plastic Screw Caps on the Adjustable Cap to hide the screws.

**These thresholds are cut oversized to allow a better fit.  You can cut the threshold down to fit.

INSWING Threshold - 7 13/16" x 3' (36") OR 6' (72") Uncut in Mill or Dark Bronze Finish

Inswing Thresholds have the capability to shield against wind and water infiltration.

New larger width on an INSWING threshold. 7 13/16"

This Inswing Threshold has an Adjustable Ash Cap.

**The Wood Cap Measurement at the Lowest Setting 1 3/8" and you can Raise it Up to 1 9/16"

The mill finish option is Anodized Aluminum (MILL) and looks like a semi-shiny aluminum finish.