Inswing Threshold 5 5/8" with Composite Base - Mill Finish


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Inswing Threshold 5 5/8" with  Composite Base - Mill Finish

These  5 5/8" Inswing Thresholds  have a Composite Base.

Choose --    3' - 36" Uncut    OR   6'- 72"  Uncut

The Cap is Adjustable. 

The Cap measurement is :  At the Lowest Setting- 1 3/8"  and you can raise it up to 1 1/2".

These Thresholds are Cut Oversized to allow a better fit.  You can cut the threshold down to fit. 

The Finish on this product is Dark Bronze.

The  Cap is 1 3/16" Wide with rounded edges on the Cap.  By designing a narrower  Cap, water on the outside drips down from the Sweep onto the sloped aluminum without running around the bottom and onto the Cap.