HBP- Series 2- Bypass Hardware with Double Track, with Fascia - 3- Wheel Ball Bearing Hangers for 1 3/4" Doors

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HBP- Series 2- Bypass Hardware with Double Track, with  Fascia - 3- Wheel Ball Bearing Hangers for  1 3/4" Thick Doors

*** Track Length:  48”,  60"  and 72"


For 1 3/4” Thick Doors

Jump Proof Dual Track

Aluminum Fascia Track is part of the 1 piece construction

3- Wheel Ball Bearing Hangers- Wheel Adjustable

200 Pound Capacity per Door

For 1 3/4” Heavy-Duty BYPASS  Closet Door Hardware Kit features Commercial grade Aluminum track in a 1 piece dual track and fascia design.

Hangers features a quick disconnect clip system facilitating easy mounting or dismunting of door panels. Hangers are adjustable for height

BALANCED WHEEL HANGER- 3 Wheel Roller Design gives a even weight distribution. Wheels are high quality Celcon which are much more durable than a standard nylon coding. Hangers are height adjustable for precision door alignment. Detachable hanger plate allows easy door installation or removal.

ALUMINUM FASCIA TRACK- the Fascia is part of the 1-piece construction with the Dual Track. Concave rail design provides double point hanger wheel contact for more even weight distribution.

ADJUSTABLE DOOR GUIDES- Pivoting nylon guide posts always stay parallel to the door preventing door binding and guides are adjustable for slight door thickness variations.


1- Double Track with Fascia

4- 3-Wheel Ball Bearing Hangers

1- Adjustable Floor guide

2- Flush Cups

1- Door Stop

Includes all Screws and Wrench