Endura Inswing Threshold 7 13/16" Wide - Dark Bronze /Composite Base

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This  7 13/16” Threshold has a Composite piece under the whole length of the Threshold.  This also has a Metal Edge on the side where the Oak Adjustable Cap piece is.    These Thresholds also have Plastic Screw Caps on the Adjustable Cap to hide the screws.


**These thresholds are cut oversized to allow a better fit.  You can cut the threshold down to fit.

Endura INSWING Threshold - 7 13/16" x 3' (36") Uncut or 6' (72") Uncut in Dark Bronze Finish

Endura's Inswing Thresholds have the capability to shield against wind and water infiltration.

New larger width on an INSWING threshold. 7 13/16"

This Inswing Threshold has an Adjustable Oak Cap.

**The Oak Capped measurement is: At the lowest setting: 1 3/8" and you can raise it up to 1 9/16"

This Inswing Threshold is Anodized Aluminum, but in Dark Bronze finish.

The manufacturer is Endura Door Component Systems.

There are no threshold extenders available for this item