3- Wheel Soft Close for Pocket Doors- for Series 2 Track

Hartford Building Products

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3-Wheel Ball Bearing Soft Close-  For Series 2  Track

Compatible with many Hartford Building Products and LE Johnson Hardware - See list below


For up to  140 lb door(s )



Can be used as a Soft Close OR a Soft Open


**Minimum Door Width - 24"


Fits 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" Thick Doors


Very Durable

**Note:  This can be used as a Soft Close or as a Soft Open.Either Direction- converts existing pocket door to either Soft Close or Soft Open.

Soft Close- 3- Wheel- Slides normally until Soft Close mechanism slowly pulls door into closed position against jamb.

Soft Open- 3- Wheel- Keeps door from slamming against stud in back of door in wall.

*Compatible with LE Johnson-  Pocket door Frame Kits- 1500, 1560, 1562 Series 100 Pocket Door Kits; 2610 Wall Mount