2650 Series Double Pocket Door Kits

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2650 Series Double Pocket Door Kits with Converging Door Kit

**Pocket Door Studs- are Manufactured from Welded Rectangular Steel Tubing- one of the Strongest  Studs on the Market

**Set includes - 2- Pocket Door Frame Kits

                          1- Converging Door Kit

                          2-  Hidden Pocket Door  Guides

The 2650 Series Pocket Door Frame is designed to carry heavy solid core doors (up to 250 lbs each) in standard 2 x 6 timber or steel framed stud walls. 

** **  Our Frame Kits are the lowest price Frame Kit with all Steel Studs in the U.S.  

Max Door Weight-  250 lbs.

Door Thickness-  For 1 3/8"  and 1 3/4".  No Adapter Required

Min. Wall Thickness-  5 1/2"-  2 x 6 Walls

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Installation Instructions


    • Rectangular Steel Tubing
    • Solid Hardwood Headers
    • Galvanized Steel Floor Brackets
    • 250 lb.  4- Wheel Ball Bearing Rollers
    • Self Tapping Drywall Screws
    • Hardwood nailing strips for jambs
    • More standard sizes than anyone else
These kits are also available in custom sizes up to 4/0 (48") wide x 10/0 (120") high. They are made to order and take one week average lead time for manufacturing.  Call us at 800-772-0314 for more info.