2600 Series- Pocket Door Frame Kit with EZ Closer

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2600 Series-  Pocket Door Frame Kit with EZ Closer

***This Set Includes-    1- Frame Kit;    1-  EZ  Closer

* **  Our Frame Kits are the lowest price Frame Kit with all Steel Studs  in the U.S.  

The pocket door kit, combined the EZ Closer Option allows you to push the door into the wall, and the spring in the closer keeps it from hitting hard against the back.  When pushed, it locks the bolt in one position. When pushed again, the EZ Closer pushed the door out into the opening without requiring you to pull it out of the wall.  The other side against the jamb will still require you to put the door in place manually

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Installation Instructions

2600 Series Pocket Door Frame Kit Features:

  • Solid Hardwood Headers
  • Rectangular Welded Steel Tubing
  • Galvanized Steel Floor Brackets
  • 200 lb.   3- Wheel Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Self Tapping Drywall Screws
  • Hardwood nailing strips for jambs
  • More standard sizes than anyone else
  • Door Thickness-  1 3/8” and 1 3/ 4” ( No Adapter Required )
  • Min. Wall  Structure Thickness-    5 1/2" (2 x 6 walls)

These kits are also available in custom sizes up to 4/0 (48") wide x 10/0 (120") high. They are made to order and take one week average lead time for manufacturing.

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