Pocket Door Frame Kit Comparison - Cross Reference Chart

Pocket Door Frame Kit Comparison - Cross Reference Chart



Company            Series  Wall   Weight       Wheels            Studs         Header



L.E. Johnson       1500        2x4    125        3-WheelPB      Pine/Steel      Pine

                            1500HD   2x4    200        3-Wheel BB     Pine /Steel     Pine


National          N186-858     2x4    150        4- Wheel PB    Pine/ Steel     Pine


**HBP                2450         2x4    250        4-Wheel BB     Steel             Poplar



L.E.Johnson      1560          2x6    200        3-Wheel BB     Pine/Steel     Pine


**HBP               2650          2x6    250        4-Wheel BB     Steel            Poplar



Wall- Width of wall, either using 2 x4 or 2x6



Weight Limits- Weight Limit in pounds of hardware



Wheels- PB-Plain Bearing     * HBP-BB- Ball Bearing



Studs- Pine/Steel- Pine studs wrapped in Soft Steel


*HBP-Steel- Studs are made from Welded Rectangular Steel Tubing



Headers- Pine- Solid Pine Header attached to track and roller system



*HBP-Poplar Hardwood- Solid Hardwood header attached to Track and Ball Bearing Roller System



*HBP- 2450 & 2650 Series- has Hardwood Nailing Strips for Jambs added to Front Studs