Series 1- HBP- Heavy Duty Pocket Door Track and Hardware WITH SOFT CLOSE and SOFT OPEN

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Series 1- HBP- Heavy Duty Pocket Door Track & Hardware * WITH  SOFT CLOSE  & SOFT OPEN

**These Tracks are pre-cut to size for Pocket Door Installation to allow wheels, Soft Open , Soft Close, to be removed or added.   This makes your job easier, since the Track does not need to be trimmed.

For 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 Interior Wall Construction

For 1 3/8” or 1 3/4” Thick Doors - NOTE: Minimum door thickness of 1”

For Sizes in Between, Cut as needed.  

Soft Close and Soft Open Option-   Not available below 30", due to combined widths of Soft Close an Soft Open

Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Track- Jump proof precision extruded Box Track

Commercial Grade, Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: You can cut down the Track to accommodate smaller door widths

4- Wheel Soft Close- smoothly causes the Door to brake and then the mechanism pulls the door into its final close position.

4- Wheel Soft Open- smoothly causes the door to brake when it goes back into the wall.

Commercial Grade, Lifetime Warranty

Kit Includes the Following:

1- Extruded Aluminum Track

1- Door Stop

2- Door Guides

1- Wrench

1- 4- Wheel Soft Close

1- 4- Wheel Soft Open