Pocket Door Steel Stud Kit- 2 x 4-Fits our 2450 Kit

Hartford Building Products

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Pocket Door Steel Stud Kit-    * 2 x 4 Construction

Heavy Duty  All Steel Studs     3/4”x1 1/2” 

Fits our   2450 Series

***Note:  If you need a larger size, please call us for a price.


Compatible with LE Johnson's 1500 Series Pocket Door Frame Kit

Other Company’s supply Steel Wrapped Pine studs with their kits. Our Heavy Duty All Steel Studs are many times the strength of theirs.

We added the hardwood nailing strips to the front Studs,  so that you can attach Pocket Door Jambs easily.

Set includes the following:

  • 4- All Steel Upright Studs  *( 2-  Steel Studs-Standard and  2-  Steel Studs with Nailing Strips for Jambs )
  • 2- Galvanized Steel Floor Bracket for  2 x 4  Construction
  • Self Tapping Drywall Screws


  • 80"  Door you would get  84 1/8" Studs to accommodate the hardware height 
  • 84"  Door you would get 88 1/8" Studs to accommodate the hardware height