2450 Series Single Pocket Frame Kit With *Soft Close & Soft Open

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2450 Series Single Pocket Door Frame Kit with Soft Close AND Soft Open

Kit Includes -  1- Frame Kit  

                         1- Soft Close

                         1- Soft Open

NOTE:  If your Door is less than 80 pounds, Hollow Core, we can switch you to the 3-Wheel Ball Bearing Soft Close, since your door cannot  activate the Soft Close correctly,  the door is too light.

The 2450 Series Pocket Door Frame is designed to carry heavy solid core doors (up to 250lbs each) in standard 2 x 4 timber or steel framed stud walls.  

4- Wheel Soft Close included-  Soft Close smoothly causes the door to brake and then the mechanism pulls the door into its final closed position.

4- Wheel Soft Open  included-  Soft Open smoothly causes the door to brake when it goes back into the wall.

**  Our Frame Kits are the lowest price Frame Kit with all Steel Studs  in the U.S.  

Max Door Weight-  250 lbs.

Door Thickness-  For 1 3/8"  and 1 3/4".  No Adapter Required

Min. Wall Thickness-  3 1/2"-  2 x 4 Walls

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Installation Instructions


  • Rectangular Steel Tubing
  • Solid Hardwood Headers
  • Galvanized Steel Floor Brackets
  • Self Tapping Drywall Screws
  • Hardwood nailing strips for jambs
  • 4- Wheel Soft Close
  • 4-Wheel Soft Open

These kits are also available in custom sizes up to 4/0 (48") wide x 10/0 (120") high. They are made to order and take one week average lead time for manufacturing.  Call us at 800-772-0314 for more info.