Solid Wood Boards

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We have  Solid Hardwood Boardsin a variety of Solid Woods: 

  Alder,   Mahogany,   Walnut,  White Oak.

These boards are  3 /4” thick.

Our boards are available in different widths and lengths.

These Boards are unfinished.   These board can painted or stained for your projects.

Listed below is information on the different woods:

ALDER:  which can be used in household furniture and guitar bodies, mainly grows in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. A relatively soft hardwood species of medium density, alder has a fairly straight, close-grain appearance and uniform texture. The wood can be described as having a light brown color with a red or yellow hint. Alder dries relatively quickly and can easily be stained or painted.

MAHOGANY:  is used for flooring and fine furniture, grows in several locales globally, with some being the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, New Zealand, and tropical Africa. Having a generally straight, uniform, fine grain and smooth texture, mahogany is a dense hardwood with good strength and great durability. The color of the wood is a dark reddish-brown. Mahogany can stain fairly well.

WALNUT: which can be used in household furniture and gun stocks, mainly grows in the Central part of the United States. A durable hardwood with moderate strength and density, walnut usually has a straight grain, though a wavy grain can appear frequently. Though walnut can have a creamy white color, the most common color seen with walnut is a dark brown with a shade of purple. Walnut dries quite slowly, but it accepts paint or stain very well.

WHITE OAK:  which is used for outdoor furniture and whiskey or wine barrels since it allows little to no water to penetrate its surface, grows mainly in the Eastern part of the United States. Usually having a straight grain, a medium to coarse texture, and longer rays than red oak, white oak is a hard and heavy hardwood with medium strength and great durability. The color of white oak stays in the light to light or medium-dark brown range, depending on which part of the tree it originates. Though white oak dries slowly, it stains very well.

These  Solid Wood Boar are Great for crafts or furniture projects, home projects. 

In Stock, Ready to Ship.



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