Poplar Pocket Door Headers - With Screws, Not Staples

Posted by Ronald Seidle Jr on

Poplar Pocket HeadersSolid Poplar Door Headers - From Hartford Building Products

Our solid poplar headers are made from the finest quality poplar, and are hand screwed together, instead of using staples . We use poplar instead of pine, with no knots or cracks, like other companies use.

Using screws instead of staples, enables our customers to cut our kits down more easily to change a size, if they order a larger kit by mistake. All you would have to do is unscrew our header, cut the parts down to size, and screw it back together. Try to take apart a header that has staples in it.  Also, our kits ship better with screws, instead of staples.  When packages being shipped take a hit during shipping, you can just tighten the screws back up.

We have pocket door frame kits for both 2 x4 walls, our 2450 Series, and our 2650 Series, which is for 2 x 6 walls.


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