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About Our HBP (Hartford Building Products) Lines of Products

We are introducing the HBP Brand (Hartford Building Products) of Pocket Door and Closet Door Hardware. At Hartford Building Products, LLC., we have been selling some well known brands of hardware for over 20 years. We came to realize that we could improve on what we sold, improving on the hardware, giving our customers a better value for their money, or both.

First, we analyzed that the pocket door frame kit market, as it existed, had problems. Most studs were steel, wrapping around soft pine, which was flimsy and warped easily. The wood headers that everyone used, were very soft, and of low quality wood.

We changed the studs to all steel, made from welded steel tubing, which was very strong, and does not warp. Next, we added a Hardwood strip to each front stud to allow customers an easy way to attach the pocket door jambs. We provide the self-tapping drywall screws for the metal studs also.

We use solid hardwood headers, instead of lower quality pine, to give you a much better way to secure your track, and a much better way to secure your studs.

When combined with high quality track and rollers, the total kit is much stronger, since anything is only as strong as the weakest point. We have gotten rid of all the weak points, and all the complaints that resulted from these weak points from these other brands over the years. All of our frame kits combine the best hardware, and other features, at the lowest price, for any comparable kit on the market. We manufacture the kits ourselves, and sell direct, cutting out the middleman.

The next markets that we looked at were for pocket and closet door hardware. Since the hardware, including tracks, and rollers, were already of high quality, we looked at where we could offer comparable hardware at lower prices for the quality. We looked at a number of brands, finding the best value for the money, and combining this hardware into the HBP brand. As we find different sources from time to time, some small parts may change, but we guarantee that everything will work together, and we back it up with an unlimited lifetime warranty.

We have enalarged the HBP brand, with addition of the hardware above. We have been manufacturing our own line of interior door thresholds under the HBP brand for five years, and are constantly enlarging it. Now with the addition of our newest items, we are looking to add more items under this brand of building related products.

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